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And that's a wrap...

"Anything worth doing is worth doing right." Hunter Thompson wrote that, and it was probably taken from Philip Stanhope, who probably took it from someone else. But the point stands. After six days of shooting the video for "I've Seen You Drunk," I know our esteemed cinematographer (Ethan Shotz) and director (Bryan McGlothin) live by that credo.

"Back to One"

I know I speak for all of the Golden Ponies when I say that we have a new appreciation for film-making... and for filmmakers. We've watched ninjas rig lights and cables. We've seen take after take after take. We've seen how the sausage is made. I, for one, like it even more.

However, even as the shooting ends, the editing begins. As Ethan and Bryan buckle down and dig in to the footage, I know they'll dig in with gusto and the end product will be amazing. Because... as the Golden Ponies always say, "what's worth doing, is worth doing... right?"

Stay Golden


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