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The Truth is Everclear...

I’ve tried not to wine… cause, you know, it’s always such sour grapes

I’ll Malbec her stuff, I guess, que Syrah, Shiraz

I understand the Riesling for her Zinfandelity

And life’ll surely be Rozay without that champagne in my ass

Between the Beer Song and the Liquor Song, that wine bit is the only piece not recorded on Unstabled. It just didn't fit. Still the rest of it goes down pretty smooth and for those who want to sing along, we posted lyric videos at

Yeah... I know some of our diehard fans (Pony Tailers? Golden Bronies?) are a little upset that we softened some of the innuendo in the Liquor Song on the album. I added some visuals for the missing drinks as Easter eggs in the video, see if you can find 'em. All I can say is... catch us live, if you can... you'll get the wine bit above (depending on the venue) and you'll get to hear the whole, unfiltered Liquor Song.

Stay frosty...


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